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Mexican League Final Starts

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Santos vs TolucaSantos beat Morelia and beat them bad, 7-1. Oribe Peralta has been the man scoring 3 goals in the last game. Toluca has been playing solid and beat Pachuca 1-0 to take take the series. This makes for a really good final. Toluca who is known for a really strong defense, comes into this Liguilla with not one of their best seasons. Zinha, hasn?t had a flashy season as well. They have got the job done and seem solid going to the final. I expect Santos to have their hardest opponent yet and they need not get overconfident with their 7 goals scored recently. Santos has their attacking mid just like Toluca. Luduena and company come with a powerful offense. They will be out firing. They did take some goals in the first game vs Morelia, even 1 from old man Borgetti. They may have a weakness there, but their offense is one to be wary of. Get ready for tonight, it should be good. My prediction:Toluca gets the championship.

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